Thank you, WestwoodWestwoodWeek LA

A note from the founder, Jesse Lee

Since we officially launched WestwoodWestwood at the end of Jan. 2017, our mission has remained the same – to discover and support talented creatives across music, art, fashion, film, tech, food and beyond.  With a small but dedicated team of editors, producers and contributors, we’ve been able to create original content in various forms; video, photography, interviews, journals, podcasts, playlists and even memes/gifs.

Additionally, we’re proud of our unique ability to share an unfiltered, authentic editorial POV as WW doesn’t adhere to a traditional advertising model.  What we write or shoot is exactly what we believe in; whether an individual’s story of their entrepreneurial pursuit or a seemingly random but poignant connection to an important movement.  Speaking of which, there is no denying that LA is having a moment right now.

While Los Angeles (or Hollywood) has always been known as the entertainment hub, we have seen a huge shift in both the outsider’s perception and insider’s reality to what this city is.  It is truly a melting pot of creative talent mixed with forward thinking and positive mindset, intersecting across new opportunities that reward the brave and different.

WestwoodWestwoodWeek is a celebration of LA and its iconoclasts who are making a real impact beyond the now, the internet and the explore page.  Through these 9 events over 7 days all over town, we are showcasing the very best the city has to offer and hope that you all enjoy some of them, if not all.  WWW LA is a reminder to us and a show of gratitude to others; it’s why we do what we do.

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